1. Will you be creating a version of your software for Android?
    There are currently no plans to do so...
  2. Why do you not use iCloud to keep the data in sync?
    We tried to use iCloud to sync our database but it just didn't work. We believe that data integrity is of vital importance and we could not commit to iCloud with the problems it was having with database syncing. We are aware that Apple has tried to improve iCloud for this purpose but we just couldn't wait any longer and decided to move to Dropbox for the time being.
    We would like to revisit iCloud once it has proven itself to be reliable with database syncing.  
  3. Why is the app free?

    We would like to reach and help as many teachers as possible so we have made our app free. We do not limit the number of students you can add or the number of classes you can add. We hope you find the app useful.
  4. So how do you make money?

    The only way we make money is by offering premium features to our app. Our app has no advertisements as we feel ads have no place in school. Please consider purchasing our premium features through In-App Purchase. Thank you.
  5. Will you please make an iPhone version?

    We haven't found a way to make our cards work the way we would like on the iPhone yet. If and when we do so, we will definitely consider creating an iPhone version of Reading Conferences.